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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Inlove with the Sun

I wasn't too vain that day and I didn't took too many photos, HAHA. I was kidding I think I enjoyed too much since this is my come back look from my 8 days vacation in Davao. So back to Zamboanga City back to old habits. I'll be very busy this coming months since I'm doing a lot of paintings to sell. Watch out for that soon on  my blog and tumblr.

look: Skirt from Uyanguren Store, Nude Sheer top Thrifted, Gold Bag Vintage, Chain design necklace Victoria Mall

The Kadayawan Look

It was too early that day, but as a sun lover like me I enjoy posing for 
the sun. 

Me in a look-at-the-wind-effect-pose

Before heading out I took some snaps. I love the structural designs of the front view of our house in Davao. 

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Before we head out to start our day me and my cousin Natasha decide to head outside and took some lovely photos from this lovely view. It was the day of the Indak-Indak fiesta, the actual day August 18, 2012 where people are busy celebrating the Kadayawan Festival. Of course our main purpose for going on this trip was to experience the Fiestival and all those Street Dancing and etc., but we end up going to the Mall and watch the Celebrity Mall show.

What a day I must say it was worth it, I was able to see some Kapamilya stars like Coco Martin, Julia Montes, Charie Pineda and Bryan Termullo. They all made my day. I think I'll be going back again next year to experience the real Kadayawan.

Wearing everything from Thrift Store, Shoes from Davcon Bazaar.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Uyanguren x Monochromatic Blue

 The next day I did after getting to Davao is of course to do an outfit post. It was my fourth time in the city so I'm always excited to tour and see some new places.

 I wore my very reliable and comfy slippers to keep my feet from sores. I wanted to enjoy my trip not to problem my feet. But because I was walking for 24 hours that day. (HAHA)

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This was my second day in Davao August 16, 2012, and my cousins and I decided to go for a day of shopping, but a very affordable and cheap shopping. I wish I found a Thrift Store but nevertheless I still got some cheap and fashionable items from a known China Town in Davao. The place is called Uyanguren it's mostly Korean clothing, Korean shoes and  basically you can find anything there. Ever since the first and second time I went to Davao I never fail to shop at this place. We went crazy for the Kadayawan sale, it was a perfect timing everyone on that place was going crazy for the SALES and of course I too drooled my eyes for SALES SALES SALES. My outfit plus the bag was all  Thrifted by the way.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


   My Pinterest Inspration

This Floral detail from the dress reminds me of the flowers from the Floats.

                     The cropped fitted top looks so alike from the one of the tribal costumes worn by the dancers.

Yes I'm back from my one week escape/vacation, and finally I can update my blog. I've been  in Davao City for 8 days and I've been really inspired by their culture and their festive vibe. It's a perfect timing to be there since I love the city so much I've been seeing a lot of Fashionable people as well and took so many things in mind from the them. While I was in Pinterest I got inspired to see also some similar looks and I felt the festive vibe going on since they're celebrating Kadayawan Festival 2012, from the Float parade to the different tribal dances. I love hanging out at Pinterest you'll find many things all over the world and they're always updated. I'll be posting my looks, tours and etc. from my Davao Vacation soon.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Royal Blue Mullet

I love the Diamond and Metal details .

Everything Vintage, I'm a huge fan of Vintage items.

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This post was one day late from the day that it's supposed to be out, I was supposed to post it yesterday but due to some circumstances I end up posting it today or whatever time you're reading this. So anyways, I did this shoot last Sunday, and I really want to do this look for a long time because this skirt has been in my hanger wall for a long time, she's ready to be revealed and I'm glad I have this lace shirt that I found inside my closet to match it, and I guess it's Thrifted. Same goes with this Mullet skirt, I got this from a local Thrift Store and I died when I saw it  hanging on the rack (hahah). Still I was able to revive and remind myself that it's just a skirt. I'll be leaving for Davao tomorrow to experience the Kadayawan Festival 2012, and that means more outfit post and more street style post. For now I'm gonna leave you with my last outfit post here in Zamboanga. And I can't wait to see Davao again. 

P.S. I will be back after a week, don't worry.

Shoes Vintage, Mullet Skirt and Lace Shirt Thrifted