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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lana del Rey Inspired look

This is a very late post and  it was supposed to be out yesterday but there were just so many circumstances that kept me from not posting.  So yeah here it goes.

I love to think that an artist is just the instrument and their music is what we have to learn. and I found out this great artist just recently, Lana del Rey who is a newbie from the music but already making great hits hit hard on the mainstream. I love her cause she is so different to any other artist out there right now she has unique style, unique songs, and unique look. So I took inspiration from her and I made my own.

I like to say that a photo looks so much classy when dusk with brown.

Lana del Rey on her album cover.

                                                  The look inspiration, looking very classy.

outfit from Thrift Store, shoes from Fashion market

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