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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Uyanguren x Monochromatic Blue

 The next day I did after getting to Davao is of course to do an outfit post. It was my fourth time in the city so I'm always excited to tour and see some new places.

 I wore my very reliable and comfy slippers to keep my feet from sores. I wanted to enjoy my trip not to problem my feet. But because I was walking for 24 hours that day. (HAHA)

 Hype this look HERE

This was my second day in Davao August 16, 2012, and my cousins and I decided to go for a day of shopping, but a very affordable and cheap shopping. I wish I found a Thrift Store but nevertheless I still got some cheap and fashionable items from a known China Town in Davao. The place is called Uyanguren it's mostly Korean clothing, Korean shoes and  basically you can find anything there. Ever since the first and second time I went to Davao I never fail to shop at this place. We went crazy for the Kadayawan sale, it was a perfect timing everyone on that place was going crazy for the SALES and of course I too drooled my eyes for SALES SALES SALES. My outfit plus the bag was all  Thrifted by the way.