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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lets talk Art and Fashion

                                         I've got two piece to showcase in the Exhibit

                               Oil on canvas, Title: "That purple sky will take me to dreamland"

   Oil on canvas, Title: "The Lady in Red"

                                                 My Lovely supporters with my teacher.

Happy to receive a surprise award right on spot. Thanks Teacher

I finally had the time to blog about this, I was out and about the half month days of May, was finishing some art works at school and running errands at home, Well everything blended in very well I think because it was a successful Exhibit. I was happy that I was able to showcase my Oil Paintings in our Art Exhibition and I'm sure I'm gonna miss those happy, tiring but fun moments while learning to do it. I wish to do more works in the future and I have some Watercolor works Here as well.

Here I was wearing my fave Pumps from Le Donne, Pink Sheer Blouse and my Skinny Jeans.