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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Getting in touch

A month ago I was asked by my cousin Natasha to do their Make-up for a photoshoot and right away without any hesitations I accepted it. It was so much fun glamming up this  3 ladies and so much fun to work with And here some enhanced photos from the shoot. It took me a while to post this because I was waiting for the edited ones to come out.

                                                            Natasha Carpio Julian



                                                                   Shielda Tagbar


                                      Anestefa Andrea Darlucio


Wardrobe Styling/Make-up by: Nelka Jones Julian

Photography: Raymond Rebollos & Leo Alejo

For more of my works click here

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The old Nine West

So this was a late post that I did last week. I wanted to showcase this all thrift store outfit except for the shoes that I love.  I got this shoes from my dad 2 years ago and I forgot about it, when I got into my shoe boxes I found this Nine West shoes which I fell inlove right away but I ignored it before (haha) , if I haven't got into my shoe boxes then I think I will forget about it like forever. Good thing I reminded myself.

But be it old or a new shoes you can always flaunt it with nice attitude and high confidence just like this one.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dreaming of NYC Fashion Week: My favorite Models

                                                                  Jac Monica Jablonski

                                                                     Anja Rubik

                                                                       Jessica Stam

                                                                     Lindsey Wixson

                                                                   Edita Vilkeviciute

                                                                 Constance Jablonski

New York Fashion Week is just a dream away but the true essence of those fashion shows are also seen on models. Like they are the Christmas lights to the Christmas tree . And this big list of models right here have already proved that. I have tons of my faves but they're the ones who I always love to see, from runways to off duty's. Really I have no words for this models anymore they're just fabulous on the runway. That's why I love them.
Photos: Models Jam

Saturday, February 4, 2012

5 ways to wear this top


This above the knee sort of  Maxi Skirt can go well along with this Sheer Top, matching the two was easy and this look I call SHEER ON SHEER.

This second look can be worn on weekend night-outs, it's sort of a flirty look but still very stylish and feminine in a kind of way. And I call this SHEER ON MINI'S.


This third look is very much covered but I like it because with this look you can put up a character as a school librarian but a more stylish and creative one. I like this look on a summer time but it's always summer here the Philippines so I would prefer to wear this on a special occasion. I call this SHEER ON POLKA"S.


This Fourth look can be anybody's favorite and mine too,  I like it because it's a relaxing look and you don't have to worry on a raging heat weather because a short shorts in a girl's bestfriend.You can opt the pumps with flats. I call this look SHEER ON SHORT SHORTS.

And finally we came to the last one on my 5 ways to wear this top. For this look a paired it with my reconstructed and customized fitted skirt. I adore this look because in any woman or girl's body you can see the silhouette and the contour on her waist and hips and with the sheer top it becomes sophisticated in a come of way. And I call this SHEER ON DENIM PRINT.

I came to post this looks because of my co-blogger  michelle, she gave me an idea. so thanks to her.
I hope this will help in a tons of ways. Keep reading, Keep Blogging.

All items on top expect for the last one is from Thrift Stores, Shoes is from LeDonne.