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Thursday, September 8, 2011

new skirt to love

I was in a hunt for new things to do and I went over my Aunt's closet I found this very long dress which I came to think I can turn this into a skirt that I really love and been wanting to have. So I set my sewing machine and I just started sewing and this is the finish product, my skirt that happens to be my favorite now. and I'm definitely making more of this in the future. I believe with great styling comes a creative mind. If you know that you have the guts to do it? why not do it. I've been styling myself for a long time and recently i started sewing garments, and I found that it's really what makes me happy, what makes my body happy so listen to myself more that anyone else, so this time I wanted to share that gift that god gave me. The reason why I wanna get into the Fashion Industry and become successful  is because I want to help the people, help them in their Fashion needs that's why there's who we call the STYLIST. I personally considered myself one without having someone to tell me why? because if I can do it better for myself then I can do it more way better for other people. That is what styling is about it's about.We can be our own stylist and to help style others as well. It's simple you have the skill, share it and share it to the world.