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Friday, January 27, 2012

Blue Sheer Top

                                          Notice my  Jeans? It's my newly repaired one.
                                          And imagine I already repaired it twice before.

Today was quite different but I kinda expected it to be different. I was asked to glam my cousin and her friends for a photoshoot. Then I was excited of course, the fact that I can showcase my skills for Styling and Make-up is something I was thrilled for. So we started the Make-up session late because I was waiting for the girls and end up just about in time for the photoshoot.

The venue for the shoot was interesting, It was in an unfinished structured house inside a subdivision. The sun was perfect and so is everybody in the room. I was taking candid photos in the background which later I will be posting it here. So keep in touch guys for my works.

I was wearing this sheer top from a local Thrift Store which I adore.I think that I was so comfy with my outfit that I forgot I was posing under the sun to realize that my dress was not appropriate for the raging heat. But then again I really wanted to wear it anyways. And My two favorite Leopard items, my flats and this furry clutch hand bag. But I did go safe with jeans, comfy and reliable.

So yah that's It for a wonderful day hope you guys have a good weekend.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Wedding quote "Marry The Night"

Last January 06 of this year 2012, I have witness an extravagant wedding .Fortunately it was my cousin's wedding and we had everybody from our families abroad and anywhere here in the Philippines united.

Basically I marry the night because I had such a great time with my cousins and friends and of course we enjoyed every bit moment that we could. We rarely see each other specially because some of my cousins  live outside the county and the city, so we made sure that we marry each other( not literally though, but marry the fun together). We all flaunt our wedding outfits but I sure did not realize that my outfit was not fit for a wedding. I just followed my heart and really Pink is for Love, so I still decided to wear them anyways.

 I just love gatherings specially this kind of occasions..Wedding gives a different air.

I was wearing Punkberry Top, LeDonne Shoes and my ever so reliable signature black micro.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

NYE Hello 2012!



Accessories by: Mix and Match


Shoes by: Fioni

New Year's Eve. Everyone was so excited for the festivities and fireworks, but I was busy with this. Before the countdown I was able to shoot my outfit for the New Year's and that's basically what I wore. My favorite skirt that I made myself and just a basic black top. Photo credits to Tasha.

I do hope that this year 2012 we are going to prosper more and let all the blessings fall in.I wish you all the best guys. CHEERS!