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Thursday, December 30, 2010

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My love for FTV models


(an interesting article that i found recently in their website (, but honestly i saw their model talk already and they already yes! did mentioned what dishes they liked. (by the way my most favorite part is model talk)


Yes, they eat!

By: Michal Ben David

Wanna look like Natasha Poly? Wish to share recipes with Sigrid Agren or celebrate the next Thanksgiving with Abbey Lee? here are few tips that may help

When you see the top models on the catwalks, there is usually one thought on a women's mind: how the hell do they look so thin? The ultimate answer to this one is that they probably live from love, but more realistically – they eat green salad. Well, it seems like the world’s top models do eat like "regular" people and the bigger surprise is that some of them actually know how to cook.

To tell the truth, after huge fashion shows you rarely have the patience to make your own meal. Sigrid Agren is most of the times too lazy to stand in the kitchen, but sometimes she gets the cooking mood. Then, she cooks Ratatouille. It is a vegetarian dish that is made of fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, zucchini, onions, olive oil and egg plants. All you need to do is cook the vegetables and add the tomatoes sauce once they are soft. The reason that Sigrid Agren doesn't spend much time in the kitchen is that she likes prefers good food rather than exploring the secrets of becoming a chef…

Natasha Poly
's favorite dish is something that reminds her of her childhood. After she gets off the catwalk, she likes spending time in the kitchen making a traditional Russian food called Borscht. Her favorite recipe is vegetarian borscht (traditional Russian soup) – you cut lots of vegetables into really small pieces and boil them all together. After that you add tomato puree and to add the Natasha Poly touch, it is highly recommended that you add a little sour cream to the dish. 

Both Natasha Poly and Sigrid Agren like dishes that are based on freshly cooked vegetables. Abbey Lee on the other hand is fond of one thing and one thing only: SALMON! When she makes food for herself, it is usually… you guessed right – salmon. Her recipe is to hit a pan with oil, and quick fry the salmon from both sides. That way the salmon becomes very crispy on the outside and rare in the middle.

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