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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Kadayawan Look

It was too early that day, but as a sun lover like me I enjoy posing for 
the sun. 

Me in a look-at-the-wind-effect-pose

Before heading out I took some snaps. I love the structural designs of the front view of our house in Davao. 

 Hype my look HERE

Before we head out to start our day me and my cousin Natasha decide to head outside and took some lovely photos from this lovely view. It was the day of the Indak-Indak fiesta, the actual day August 18, 2012 where people are busy celebrating the Kadayawan Festival. Of course our main purpose for going on this trip was to experience the Fiestival and all those Street Dancing and etc., but we end up going to the Mall and watch the Celebrity Mall show.

What a day I must say it was worth it, I was able to see some Kapamilya stars like Coco Martin, Julia Montes, Charie Pineda and Bryan Termullo. They all made my day. I think I'll be going back again next year to experience the real Kadayawan.

Wearing everything from Thrift Store, Shoes from Davcon Bazaar.

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