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Monday, October 29, 2012

DIY: Beaded Collar

Step 1: Gather all needed materials that includes the collared polo or any top with collar that you want to customize or work on, the bead materials, thread & needle and you're ready to start sewing... moving on to
Step 2: Start to sew the design that you want on the collar, you can start at the tip or start doing a straight line according to you design, I did a zigzag line to each sides of the collar and added more details in the middle as well.
Step 3: According to your like add  little color to the beading and your done, I added a Square Green Stone in the middle to give a little contrast to the subtle bead color. Finish!I hope this DIY customized collar will help you find you're creativity in Fashion or in Crafts work.

Here it is  Patricia Tan.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day and Night

I'm not really a fan of weddings but I just always wanted to attend an event that puts together two hearts in one. I'm a hopeless romantic kind of person so that always hits me when I hear the I do's, the wedding bows and etc., not that I wanted to get married soon (HAHA) I just wanted to feel and see the whole ceremony.

Thought the reception place outside was so perfect to take pictures, I just wanted to dive in the pool but I need to calm myself and remain on dry clothes, you know my thing for water I can't resist sometimes. 


I was invited by some of my Uncle's and Auntie's from Davao to attend a wedding, of course I had to go because I'll be busy with their Hair and Make-up. I witness another romantic wedding I should say and I saw different emotions from the bride and the groom ,they were so in love. I was enjoying my sixth time in Davao though it was a short vacation still I fueled myself with enjoyment. The place that we dine in was a new Sports Club with a reception area and I really like the place for a wedding reception cause their theme was kind of Glamorous. So here's my second day in Davao, I'll be posting my entire trip soon.

I was wearing Leopard Tube Thrifted, Blue Sheer Skirt Thrifted, MY Shoes, Vintage Gold Jewels

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Announcing All Winners for the Collab Giveaway 2 Congrats!

 Congrats Mei S. Santiago

 Congrats RiCalyn Sicad for winning the second prize

and Kaye Orinoco for winning the third prize

Congrats to the following winners of the Zamboanga Bloggers Collab Giveaway 2, they're lucky enough to receive lots of cool prizes that the four of us has come with. Thank you for joining and watch out for another series of giveaways soon.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

BTS of KC's Maternity Shoot x Styling KC

 The Hair and Make-up Artist for this shoot Ms. Ellaine Muldong.

 With me is one of Zamboanga's known photographer and also the photographer for this shoot Mr. Big Mike Muin/Bigmike Muin Photography.
 I love these shots, wearing basic black undergarments and simply showing her baby bump.

This was not my idea, me and Ms Ellaine played around during breaks and she spotted me so I became the model for 2 minutes. HAHA.

Working onto the last dress for the shoot and I had to style her, I forgot I was the Wardrobe Stylist for this shoot (haha), and pulled some accessories to matched her outfit aswell, so there I did the whole Styling thing on my cousin.

Here are more photos grabbed from Bigmike's page.

I had so much fun joining the team for this photoshoot, this week I'll also be doing the Hair and make up for one of my cousin's beauty shoot so just keep posted and  continue to visit my blog. Thank you!

Model: Katrina Camoro Bernardo
Hair and Make-up Artist: Ellaine Muldong
Stylist: Nelka Jones Julian
Photographer: Big Mike Muin

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Styling Natasha


This photoshoot happened months ago and I just remembered blogging about it when I saw them on my gallery, so anyways I asked my cousin to do this shoot with my photographer friend sir Anthony Barandino and I was tasked to do the styling of course without any hesitations I did her styling along side with Maam Ellaine the Make-up Artist. This was her first look.

 Working her dual role the Hair and Make-up artist/Photographer Maam Ellaine, she's amazing in her own way so I salute her all the time when we do photoshoots.
 The concept for this shoot is mixing vintage look with a modern twist and I think the hair and make-up compromised with the whole outfit. She brought along her dresses and I just did the whole styling thing, coming from an aspiring stylist like me (haha)
 This was the second look and this I have to say really screams vintage because of the head piece and the little black dress. Photo grabbed from Sir Anthony Barandino.

More raw photos grabbed from Sir Anthony Barandino.

Model: Natasha Julian
Hair and Make-up Artist: Ellaine Muldong
Photographer: Anthony Barandino
Wardrobe Stylist: Nelka Jones Julian

Friday, October 12, 2012

Zamboanga Bloggers Collab Giveaway 2 (8 more days to go)

Hi guys so I did join a giveaway, and actually it was my first time to join a Collab Giveaway, It's was easy for us because we're part of a group Zamboanga Bloggers and I was personally excited about this.  I'll be hosting my Blogsary Giveaway pretty soon so watch out for that but for now here's something that the four of us put up. So hurry, join and win fabulous prizes.


Here are tons and tons of prizes.

* Cross bracelet
* Cute bow flats
* Earring & necklace set
* Bonbons flavored lip juicer
* Basic makeup palette
* Cream colored top
* Stack of bracelets
* Cute top
* Vintage necklace
* Assorted earrings
* Basic makeup palette
* Bone cord winder
* Neone yellow headband
*Neon blue bracelet
* Black bleaching soap
* 2 Excel lip creams
* Neon blue necklace
To win these amazing prizes simply follow the mechanics on the rafflecopter app below. It's as easy as that! This giveaway will run from October 06, 2012 to October 21, 2012.
Good luck everyone!