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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Inlove with the Sun

I wasn't too vain that day and I didn't took too many photos, HAHA. I was kidding I think I enjoyed too much since this is my come back look from my 8 days vacation in Davao. So back to Zamboanga City back to old habits. I'll be very busy this coming months since I'm doing a lot of paintings to sell. Watch out for that soon on  my blog and tumblr.

look: Skirt from Uyanguren Store, Nude Sheer top Thrifted, Gold Bag Vintage, Chain design necklace Victoria Mall


  1. I remember when the sheer long-sleeved blouse was an everyday thing, even with corporate uniforms.
    However, they didn't wear such short, sheer floral skirt!

  2. I believe that's true, the fashion sense has grown bigger, and it's great that change has always been unconstant in the fashion world.

  3. I like your skirt. :)

    Happy blogging!