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Sunday, March 25, 2012

I sketch to Life

                                               some of my previous and recent sketches.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First ever Blog Giveaway Participation

So just a quick post, I just want to tell you guys that I just joined Mich Eats and Shop Blog, my first ever blog giveaway participation and on any kinds of giveaways online. I got interested on her giveaways because they weren't Fashion items but essential body items, and i chose the Rose Lotion Set because I'm just so obsessed with any Lotion products , I think it's perfect if she would pick me Mich here me out. haha. !!! so yeah just a very very quick post and you guys have a great day.

and basically this is what i chose:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the view from the grass (SHOOT)

                                                    Nelka, Christa, Krizia, Kellie, Natasha

Last month me and my cousins did a photoshoot just for fun, just for a little bonding, and basically the original venue for this shoot was supposed to be at Vista del Mar but I don't know why we end here shooting in the grass. Here I did the girls Hair and Make-up, did a little styling and direct them on their poses. But the shoot was so much fun we were all just playing with ourselves even if the sun got shy and turned to the other direction, so anyways here are some shots and more of that shoot click here and also we have individual shots too.

                                                                    Krizia Mei Camoro

                                                                     Natasha Julian

                                                                 Kellie Dion Camoro

                                                                 Nelka Jones Julian

                                                         Christabel Halili-Dondoyano

with sneakers you're on the go

 Before I went to town my little cousin took some snaps of me before leaving, and before all the long walks happened. So today I had to run errands with all the school stuffs going on, I was around town buying my school requirements and I just love wearing these sneakers around cause it's comfy and very reliable when you're on the go. Summer is here and I looked around town for some extreme finds on summer outfits and some accessories and I was able to find in one of our local stores here. Imma post some soon.
Have a great week everyone. p.s. stay away from the raging heat.

Monday, March 5, 2012


                                                                         The Model

                                                                    The Inspiration

Another Make-up look I did as requested by the model Natasha Julian, here is Georgina Wilson on the cover of Look Magazine . I didn't copy the exact same thing from the inspiration but I gave my own version of it, I think that's why they invented the word inspiration huh? to be inspired by it and not duplicate the look, I actually want to get somewhere here if you know what I mean HAHA. . Anyways enjoy these photos. Don't forget to leave your comments and say what you think guys. Thanks!