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Thursday, August 23, 2012


   My Pinterest Inspration

This Floral detail from the dress reminds me of the flowers from the Floats.

                     The cropped fitted top looks so alike from the one of the tribal costumes worn by the dancers.

Yes I'm back from my one week escape/vacation, and finally I can update my blog. I've been  in Davao City for 8 days and I've been really inspired by their culture and their festive vibe. It's a perfect timing to be there since I love the city so much I've been seeing a lot of Fashionable people as well and took so many things in mind from the them. While I was in Pinterest I got inspired to see also some similar looks and I felt the festive vibe going on since they're celebrating Kadayawan Festival 2012, from the Float parade to the different tribal dances. I love hanging out at Pinterest you'll find many things all over the world and they're always updated. I'll be posting my looks, tours and etc. from my Davao Vacation soon.

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