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Monday, July 29, 2013

Erich Miñoza Holiday Couture 2013 Ad Campaign

So a good friend of mine (SEFI) the Photographer of this amazing shoot wanted a different look which is a trend and basically everyone wants to wear it. For the Make-up I always go for subtle skin, moist, luscious and very natural looking bright face. The eyes are just popping with black long lashes and the trendy lip color dark maroon is an A plus to this look. I'll keep posting more of our projects here so keep posted.!!!

Hair and Make-up: Nelka Jones Julian
Photography: Sefi Curada of Sefi Curada Fashion Photography 
Fashion Designer: Erich Miñoza
Model: A.M. Short
Assistant: Robert Sinsuan
special thanks to Chinchin Ong 


  1. Your model looks surreal... just like a doll... a different kind of Barbie... can't place her "country of origin"! as well as the time zone she comes from... just like a princess. You are really good, Nelka!

    1. yeas I totally agree, thank you visiting my blog. I really appreciate it, sorry for the late reply though.

  2. Love her make-up! It suits the model and her dress. What brand and shade of lippy did you use on her? :)

    1. hi there!! the lip color for her lips was a mix of red and purple shade.

  3. good you thin women, brown color also can make you looks bright

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