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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Deserted Frontyard

 got this bracelet from Rhea x

 Hype my look HERE

This post was supposed to be out yesterday but due to some circumstances I end up posting it today. But anyways, I got inspired by the desert feel cause yesterday was very hot and I imagined myself walking in the hot flaming desert field  (haha) I just imagined, so I choose this textured shirt I got from  Thrift Store, and an old jeans that I cut and transformed into a peek-a-boo- short shorts, sling bag from a local store, My shoes.


  1. Beautiful Nelka! Mine na the necklace! HAHA :)

    1. thanks kai, hahah,give me something also. HAHAHA

  2. Eeh pretty! I like the necklace! DIY? steps! :D