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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Work on Corals

 my dog always gets in the way.

Yesterday was sort of a busy day for me, went to apply for my passport, went to run some errands and try  finish some paintings and etc. So anyways since I came home from town I decided to do an outfit post, I wore a very comfy peter pan collar top paired with a skinny jeans, my new coral color handbag a got from a Local Thift Store,and my Le Donne Shoes.And with that I thank the weather for not being rude yesterday.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blue Jeans, White Shirt

Last night I went to witness a magical event in every girls dream, and that is to have a perfect wedding. I love the set-up and the concept of the reception, they used dimmed lights that makes the whole feel so romantic. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get some photos from the reception. So anyways I wore my new jeans that I loving so much cause it's very comfortable, perfect to walk around all day and not feeling tired and too compressed, since I was too busy the whole day, and have a  make-up booking for this wedding .I got this one from a Local Thrift Store. Also I wore this Cropped Blazer that I got from a garage sale back in 2010. Good old clothes still fit me right and I love how that works. It's not how old it's how you make it look new, Fashion never gets old, it's always young and fresh.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Deserted Frontyard

 got this bracelet from Rhea x

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This post was supposed to be out yesterday but due to some circumstances I end up posting it today. But anyways, I got inspired by the desert feel cause yesterday was very hot and I imagined myself walking in the hot flaming desert field  (haha) I just imagined, so I choose this textured shirt I got from  Thrift Store, and an old jeans that I cut and transformed into a peek-a-boo- short shorts, sling bag from a local store, My shoes.

Zamboanga Bloggers Meet-up

 I was wearing this light lavander top that I customized from a long sleeve polo to a stylish sleeveless, I add some some buttons on the collar just to add details.

          Photos grabbed from Rhea since I don't have a descent camera and only using my phone at that time.

       and more photos grabbed from Ropa Jane

        finally got to take photos from my phone.
             all the girls were busy chatting and paying the bill and I was busy photographing them. sorry girls.

     the future blogger Tasha 

a very attractive work of art from Garden Orchid Hotel

I think I'm the last one to blog about the#rd Blogger Meet-up and this is a so late post cause I was waiting for the other photos from my co-bloggers but always better late than never right?. anyways  It was so much fun talking and chatting with the co-bloggers, every bit of the discussion was important for all of us to grow more as an independent blogger. I'm hoping for a more productive meet-ups soon. and thanks to all those who I met for the first time you all girls are lovely.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tangerine is the color of the day

        my DIY Braided Necklace



I don't know if anyone gets unattracted to this color, cause I will never get unattracted to this color I'm obsessed with this color and it even gets better when hit by the sun. So it was a very very hot and sweaty afternoon, and since I love sun here I was frying myself to get photos but It was all worth it. Perfect weather and the breeze feels like I'm on a dessert. I was wearing my aun'ts Black Cropped Sweater, my DIY Tangerine Skirt, my DIY Blue Braided necklace and my fave Nine West Shoes.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Red Petals and Neon Pink

Yesterday I was engaging to a sunny afternoon, there's something about sunshine that lightens up my whole mood and  that creates a feel of light, softness and optimism. With my outfit I was going for a  Street Chic look and basically I can call this my style my own personal style. Hope you enjoy these photos. Have a great weekend.