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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Client Shoot: The Posh Becks Luxurious Bag Collection

For the first look I did a gleaming makeup, that only shows her natural glowing skin, thick brows and peachy nude lips.
and for this second look I did a very black smokey eyes and basically just all about the long lashes and black liners that I think really complimented with the other elements in this photos. Match with a bronzed color cheeks and nude lips.

I got all intrigue when the Photographer announced the concept for this shoot, and what the client wanted to showcase was her bag collections. I did two looks for this shoot and of course the client loved it, and that is always a big compliment for me. The edgy fierce make-up and the gleaming natural make-up really complimented the entire look. As seen in the photos she was definitely transformed into a luxurious woman obsessed with her bags in a good way. P.S. she's a big fan of Victoria Beckham (a.ka.a Posh Spice). Thanks to a great team behind this I always love working with you guys and more projects for us to come. Yahooo!!!

Client: Hair and Make-up
Beauty Shoot/Bag Collection
Model: Al-Shameer Posh Becks
Creative Assistant: Prei Araneta Datolio