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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Garden's Magic

We really had so much fun , wish i can go back here and take more photos. here are some

A more farther view

The place is just so magical and this Rainbow stand is just one of my favorite.

A far view

I was really trying to bring summer in this place that's why I dress like this although the breeze of the air from here is cold.

Wearing all vintage.But my hat is from SM department store.

Finally I'm Back

I don't usually take photos in the plane but this time I had to try. HAHA I did and it was fun. Here are some .Flight  to Davao and I was too excited to get off the plane.  After 2 years I'm back to my favorite City. Here are photos of my trip with my cousins and aunts.

First photo of me just wandering around this beautiful village, I took advantage of the street because there were no cars crossing it. I was wearing my favorite vintage top, with my vintage pants and nude slippers. I'm such a huge vintage fan.
 And another one

My cousin Natasha and I just making broken poses. HAHA! we didn't even care about the sun hitting us.

more photos here: