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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Charcoal Series one

 Natalia Vodianova


 "Lana del Rey"

"Lana del Rey"

Original sketch " The Sad Eye"
 "Kate Moss"

If you have been following my previous post you probably have read where I was talking about my Artworks. If you only knew how much I wanted to post them, but I can't just post them without a series of collection. So for now I will show my recent and my old Charcoal drawings. I usually sketch and draw whenever I have my free time or if my hand gives me the urge( hehe ).  There's just something about sketching and drawing that calms me, that's make me wanna surrender my entire time and not think about anything else.  I have tons of them inside my sketch book but here's for now. So keep posted!!!.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Make-up for Camille (Fun Shoot)

Last week I had  a debutant client Camille Taylor. I did the Hair and Make-up for her pre-debut fun shoot  and it all turned out well. I did a very simple and light make-up that suited the concept of the shoot. Good thing the photographers were my friends so it was really a fun shoot plus the location was so relaxing and laid back. 

Photography: Raymond Rebollos
HMUA: Nelka Jones Julian

I do actually accept any Hair and Make-up services, so feel free to contact me #09157828150. Thank you .

Blue Eagle and I will Fly

 Can you say that's a Blue eagle, yes! love the details on this top.

 Top and pants from the Thrift Store, look how much money I have saved and get so satisfied once I put them all together in one look. This is a perfect look for someone's first day of work and you can work classy and stylish at the same time.

Top and Black pants Thrifted, Bag Parisian, MY Shoes

I don't always compare the quality of the clothes versus the quantity because I will choose the quality over the quantity, It will not matter to me most when it's expensive or it's a known brand all I can think of is how I can wear the clothes on a Jonesses Style. Just a tip on Thrift  buying look for clothes that are on trend, the color and design and really invest on time be very patient in finding clothes that are similar on the Store Stands/similar on the ones you found in a magazine or look for cheaper ones (HAHA) that's always a thing when you go on thrift shopping.  Most of my looks on my previous post are usually from the Thrift Store it's just how I mix and match everything and basically put a good look. Stay posted because I'll be posting my latest Artworks soon.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

At The Peak

Korean Brand Shoes, denim shirt Big V's Store, mini skirt and stripe shirt are from my closet.

It was raining that time but that didn't stop me from taking my OOTD. haha. Smart idea cause they have glass roof.

While walking around Gaisano Mall I just remembered this place that my cousin introduced me the last time I was in Davao City. So I'm a Keeping up with the Kardashian fan and I watched basically ever episode that I could, and if I could remember the most when they go to vacay they always say their "Pits and Peaks" during their last day of trips. My Pit of my recent trip to Davao was to be forced to eat Durian again, sorry I'm not really a fan (HAHA) and my Peak of that trip was attending a wedding and doing the Hair and Make-up of my all my Aunties. I love making someone beautiful just as this beautiful place, perfect to hang out with your friends and family if you're tired from window shopping, just as I did. If ever you visit Davao City don't forget to check The Peak at the Gaisano Mall rooftop are.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Florals and Shorts on the beach

 When you have this much freedom in your life you don't ever want to lose that moment, so I did what I had to do. Just have fun in the sun.

Hype this look HERE

I love my countless times in this Island, I just love when the sun starts to hit my face and my body and It gives the right amount of warmth but not in this case cause it gave me hot sun burn that I have to deal with for weeks but nevertheless it was a fun bond with the family. ATTENTION: To all my readers I'm deeply sorry for not constantly posting I'll promise not to let you down guys. Thank you for always visiting my blog.
 Don't you just love the beach? Comment below.

Top by Nelka Jones, Shorts Thrifted

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Look: Sexy Vampire

 Ana as "Tinkerbell"

Halloween is the only time of the year where you can dress up basically anything you want, I chose to be the 
Sexy Vampire since I'm a fan of the twilight saga I thought maybe I could dress the vampires again. After yesterdays Halloween competition which my cousin did not won but still I'm happy because everything works very well. I dress her as Tinkerbell along with my cute niece "Yofiel" as snowhite, the competition was just for fun and It made the kids enjoy the event. As for my transformation I really liked the final outcome after editing them with special effects. So how'd you like my Halloween costume? Did I achieve the Sexy Vampire look? comment below.