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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve Party Outfit

Ayt so before the new year's eve first here's what I wore for our Christmas Eve Party and apparently I almost forgot to post it,  good thing I was able to remind myself. A vintage leopard zip down shiry which I got from my Aunt's old closet, very conventional way to save since I didn't do my Christmas shopping. My very own customized black micro mini skirt which is originally a long skirt, thanks to my sewing machine. And my favorite Leopard print flats that I got from  Baclaran for a very very cheap price but good quality shoes.

So there you go.
Here are more photos from the party.

                                     I have to say that I love posing this way with my hair up...

Favorite pieces as of the moment.


  1. If i'm not mistaken. I blog walk here and commented on your other blog and told you that we wore the same prints last Christmas! Haha anyway, pretty! <3

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  3. yeah I think you said that. haha.but great to hear that we're sharing something in common with our outfits .lurves your photos too.