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Friday, December 30, 2011

We found love.

Before we turn to another year let me just share to you guys what I have been doing this whole year 2011. I found out my passion for Lip syncing and I'm really taking it seriously like I'm giving too much effort on the editing part and the shooting part.

Here's one that I made just for this Christmas season.
With me is my very beautiful and very cooperative cousin Natasha.

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  1. Great job! I can see how a lot of effort went to the editing! :D Good luck with your lip syncing career! hehehehe

  2. Nice Video! I'm too shy for that XD

  3. awww..that's a very cute video!! I like! hehehehe :D

    xoxo: | ♥

  4. micheatsandshops: well thank you. glad you appreciate it cause I've through a lot with this one. hehe. thank you again this is definitely a career move. haha

  5. lalalaPatricia: thank yo patricia. i was too before but i got used to it. haha

  6. missbebedoll: hehe, thanks again rhea, more to come..