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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Oriental Luxury Beauty Shoot

Last week I was invited by my fine and amazing friend photographer SEFI for a beauty shoot, and without any hesitations I said yes. This was the first set of photos that we did. I love how everything turned out the way we want it. I love the brows that I did for the model because it gives a different edge to the her face.  

For the second set of outfit and make-up we did the more relaxed but very Oriental look that really screams Japanese Luxury Beauty which is the inspiration.

For the third look and my favorite look, we did show some skin but it still looked classy. I'm really happy to be part of this shoot because I get to showcase my three make-up looks that was asked of my by the photographer. We all did an amazing job, each of us from the model, designer and to the  photographer who is the master mind and leader of the group big applause. Hoping to be working with them soon on another project.

Model: Jenny Ong
Designer: Usni Sali
Hair and Make-up Artist: Nelka Jones Julian
Photographer: Sefi Curada

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