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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blue Eagle and I will Fly

 Can you say that's a Blue eagle, yes! love the details on this top.

 Top and pants from the Thrift Store, look how much money I have saved and get so satisfied once I put them all together in one look. This is a perfect look for someone's first day of work and you can work classy and stylish at the same time.

Top and Black pants Thrifted, Bag Parisian, MY Shoes

I don't always compare the quality of the clothes versus the quantity because I will choose the quality over the quantity, It will not matter to me most when it's expensive or it's a known brand all I can think of is how I can wear the clothes on a Jonesses Style. Just a tip on Thrift  buying look for clothes that are on trend, the color and design and really invest on time be very patient in finding clothes that are similar on the Store Stands/similar on the ones you found in a magazine or look for cheaper ones (HAHA) that's always a thing when you go on thrift shopping.  Most of my looks on my previous post are usually from the Thrift Store it's just how I mix and match everything and basically put a good look. Stay posted because I'll be posting my latest Artworks soon.


  1. Nelka! Saan yang Thrift Store? And how much i'm digging for buttondown / polo and corsets too <3

  2. ohh pst sa may Sta. Cruz market ako usually nagshoshopping. hahah. for buttondown polos I can get it for 50 pesos lang. just be patient lang like i always do. hehhe. goodluck ha!

  3. OH MYYYYYY!!! I really really love your top!!!! Can't believe you got it from sta cruz! it's sooo nice hehehehe good job, Nelka! Great find :D