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Sunday, November 11, 2012

At The Peak

Korean Brand Shoes, denim shirt Big V's Store, mini skirt and stripe shirt are from my closet.

It was raining that time but that didn't stop me from taking my OOTD. haha. Smart idea cause they have glass roof.

While walking around Gaisano Mall I just remembered this place that my cousin introduced me the last time I was in Davao City. So I'm a Keeping up with the Kardashian fan and I watched basically ever episode that I could, and if I could remember the most when they go to vacay they always say their "Pits and Peaks" during their last day of trips. My Pit of my recent trip to Davao was to be forced to eat Durian again, sorry I'm not really a fan (HAHA) and my Peak of that trip was attending a wedding and doing the Hair and Make-up of my all my Aunties. I love making someone beautiful just as this beautiful place, perfect to hang out with your friends and family if you're tired from window shopping, just as I did. If ever you visit Davao City don't forget to check The Peak at the Gaisano Mall rooftop are.


  1. You look like a Kardashian yourself. I really love your hair Nelka. It's everything I wish my hair was ! :) Love your denim top too :)

    1. geeez. I've always imagine myself being one of their sisters. hehehe. bu thank you mich and thanks for complimenting my ever so dry hair. hahah

  2. I am also a big, big Keeping Up With the Kardashians fan! I love love love Khloe!!! <3
    Anyway, I love your OOTD! It's so laid back and the location is breathtaking! :)

    1. oh my khloe's also my fave even way before. and the two jenner sisters are my girl crushes. haha thanks athena that was all i was going for a laid back fun day look:)))