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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Styling Natasha


This photoshoot happened months ago and I just remembered blogging about it when I saw them on my gallery, so anyways I asked my cousin to do this shoot with my photographer friend sir Anthony Barandino and I was tasked to do the styling of course without any hesitations I did her styling along side with Maam Ellaine the Make-up Artist. This was her first look.

 Working her dual role the Hair and Make-up artist/Photographer Maam Ellaine, she's amazing in her own way so I salute her all the time when we do photoshoots.
 The concept for this shoot is mixing vintage look with a modern twist and I think the hair and make-up compromised with the whole outfit. She brought along her dresses and I just did the whole styling thing, coming from an aspiring stylist like me (haha)
 This was the second look and this I have to say really screams vintage because of the head piece and the little black dress. Photo grabbed from Sir Anthony Barandino.

More raw photos grabbed from Sir Anthony Barandino.

Model: Natasha Julian
Hair and Make-up Artist: Ellaine Muldong
Photographer: Anthony Barandino
Wardrobe Stylist: Nelka Jones Julian


  1. moreeeee nelka moree! Nabitin ako! Or where can I see all the photos? :)

  2. hehehe. i will upload them on my page soon. i wish i could upload them all here.but ill send you the link pat.thanks for visiting

  3. Your cousin is really beautiful :-) Post some more of your work :-)