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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day and Night

I'm not really a fan of weddings but I just always wanted to attend an event that puts together two hearts in one. I'm a hopeless romantic kind of person so that always hits me when I hear the I do's, the wedding bows and etc., not that I wanted to get married soon (HAHA) I just wanted to feel and see the whole ceremony.

Thought the reception place outside was so perfect to take pictures, I just wanted to dive in the pool but I need to calm myself and remain on dry clothes, you know my thing for water I can't resist sometimes. 


I was invited by some of my Uncle's and Auntie's from Davao to attend a wedding, of course I had to go because I'll be busy with their Hair and Make-up. I witness another romantic wedding I should say and I saw different emotions from the bride and the groom ,they were so in love. I was enjoying my sixth time in Davao though it was a short vacation still I fueled myself with enjoyment. The place that we dine in was a new Sports Club with a reception area and I really like the place for a wedding reception cause their theme was kind of Glamorous. So here's my second day in Davao, I'll be posting my entire trip soon.

I was wearing Leopard Tube Thrifted, Blue Sheer Skirt Thrifted, MY Shoes, Vintage Gold Jewels

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