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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Zamboanga Bloggers Meet-up

 I was wearing this light lavander top that I customized from a long sleeve polo to a stylish sleeveless, I add some some buttons on the collar just to add details.

          Photos grabbed from Rhea since I don't have a descent camera and only using my phone at that time.

       and more photos grabbed from Ropa Jane

        finally got to take photos from my phone.
             all the girls were busy chatting and paying the bill and I was busy photographing them. sorry girls.

     the future blogger Tasha 

a very attractive work of art from Garden Orchid Hotel

I think I'm the last one to blog about the#rd Blogger Meet-up and this is a so late post cause I was waiting for the other photos from my co-bloggers but always better late than never right?. anyways  It was so much fun talking and chatting with the co-bloggers, every bit of the discussion was important for all of us to grow more as an independent blogger. I'm hoping for a more productive meet-ups soon. and thanks to all those who I met for the first time you all girls are lovely.

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  1. Nahiya ako sa photos! I'm not ready hahaha will hype it as soon as I open my lookbook! :3

    1. well that's me i love taking stolen shots, but still pretty naman. thanks pat. hehe

  2. Nice. I love what everyone was wearing. No guy blogger went? LOL! too bad Chelsea and I weren't able to go, we were busy playing poker and stuff. hahaha may be next time ;)

    1. nope all girls, hehe, maybe next time you can come and meet all of us.thanks for visiting!!!

  3. It was relly nice meeting you Nelka! :) I've been with Tashie a lot of times na but I've never seen you with her before. HAHA :) You cousins are seriously PRETTY!

    1. me too , i wish we talked more but nevertheless it was nice meeting you also. yeah we're sort of close now but before we hang out on occasions lang. thanks kai, you're also pretty yourself super sexy pa.. :)))