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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Naomi Preizler

I have always loved models, while I was browsing the site i starred and open this post about an artist turned model/fashion designer.

                                        Naomi Preizler

An artist, model and a fashion designer. She's like the living me. It's so weird that we happen to like the same things, do the same things but the only difference is that she's already living my dreams. Those dreams that I'm so eager to happen.

                                                   I love her from now on. She walk the talk.



  1. wow.. she's gorgeous indeed :) you both look a like. have your hair colored in blonde nalang. hihihi :)

  2. hi msbebe. well really? definitely a blonde hair will not suit me. hehe. but i like her more because of her actions.. you look good with blonde hair. hehe. more like sister ni patricia.