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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fashion Inspirations turned to obsession

When i started making this cute little skirts I became obssessed with it and almost everyday i think of a new style to make, actually i just reconstruct my old dressess, skirts and clothes to make them exactly how i want them to be. So i've been really inspired by these images, infact I found a long skirt that I turned into a nice semi bubbly skirt really close to the second image except mine has a lot of prints.

And here's what I'm talking about

 My obsession for these kind of skirts has grown bigger and bigger, like eveytime I go out I would not wear a jeans but a skirt. Because wearing a skirt is flirty, it gets attention and you feel sexy and good about it. Plus Marilyn Manroes famous photo gives her a much sexier look well given that her look is sexy but also because she's wearing a dress with a sexy length, and that really is my classic inspiration.

Here if you know that I mean

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