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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Let's start the Party

First photo wack!

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So the other night I attended the first ever Christmas Party of Royale Business Club here in Zamboanga. I became a part of the company since April 2012 and been using  their different products for months now and all I can say is that their the best.  So back from the other night's party, well I had a blast meeting new people and I enjoyed lots of games but I didn't won any prizes (heheh) and of course the food. I went on being casual rather than the usual party dresses that you normally see, just because I constantly kept on walking and walking so I made myself comfortable by wearing comfortable clothes. And finally I get to wear my creation, this navy blue pencil skirt has been in my closet since last year, so she's finally out.

It's basically your own style that matters and that makes you YOU. So what do you think of this look? 

Floral Corset Sala, Skirt by Nelka Jones, Cream Cropped Blazer Thrifted,


  1. Thrifted again? Where? haha A really good pick? haha nice! I like the outfit! Super casual yet classy! <3

  2. yes. AHAHA. I have a thrifted society in my closet. somewhere at sta. cruz you'll basically find everything there so shop kana dun pat. hehe.