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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

No More Strangers

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 I love this painting of Mark S. Burda. Although I don't know the artist personally I can only say that he's talent is excellent.

 Just because I really wanted to wear this customized sheer top so I gave it a go. I can't think and I don't know where to wear them but here. You can't really see the details I put on this photo but there is a beading work on the collar and I'll show you the DIY step by step process soon.

I wasn't able to witness the opening of the Solamente  Zamboanga Visual Art Exhibition 2012 but definitely I wanted to check them out and not even a bad weather stopped me tonight. It's fascinating that we are able to preserve our own culture through paintings, owning and hugging Zamboanga's finest. They featured Internationally acclaimed artist Rameer Tawasil and New York-based Zamboangueno Photographer Enrico Tobias. If you are in  the city you can check them out at Garden Orchid Hotel Lobby area. The paintings are mainly about Zamboanga City and the people. My Mentor/Teacher Mrs. Eisilaine Daung also showcased her work and I'm an avid supporter of her work and her work ethics, so it was a must for me to visit the place.I personally enjoyed wandering around the place.

Top Customized, Skirt Customized, Flats Vice Versa


  1. Nee nice outfit! Simple yet stylish <3 Steps please :3

    lalala <3

  2. thanks pat. ill definitely post the how-to's. just keep posted. hehehe