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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Balloon Girl

                                                       mint vintage skirt from Thrift STore

                                                                   shoes: MY Shoes

It was a lovely day outside after a night of massive rain, the environment is welcoming a gloomy but sunny subtled day and I wanted to be playful and take advantage of a lovely Tuesday afternoon. I found a balloon wandering around our house and I believe I missed playing with balloons, of course I was once a child (AHAHA).and the joy and excitement came rushing in to me feeling I was six years old again.  So enjoy these lovely photos and my outfit.

I was wearing a customized cut out shoulder polo that I got from a thrift store 3 years ago, a mint sheer skirt also from thrift store, I dunno I just love thrift stores and thrift buying,  DIY customed made gold necklace, and belt from my aunt's closet.


  1. Loving this vintage look Nelka! :DD Love the whole ensemble! :D

  2. Who would have thought those are thrifted? Akala ko nga from a boutique in a mall.=D