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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Graduation Day Fun

                                                         up stage getting my certificate

                                                 supportive cousin/photographer Natasha

                                            my teacher/mentor Mrs. Eisilane Daung Muldong

                                                              all up for a quick pose

                                                              I never forgot the dogs

                                           Dolce and Bey-Bey welcoming the graduate. HAHA

                                                                      punky accessories

Yesterday March 31, 2012, a day of hilarious activities. My graduation day for my Garment Technology and Cosmetology Course, indeed I was excited more that anything else finally having my certificates. Yey!!! I also gave a Learning Impression speech for the whole class which was fun and nerve-wracking at the same time.Then to celebrate this occasion we went swimming at night.  Here I was wearing an all black look matched with my Pink Strappy Pumps and an Abstract design necklace from a local store.

of course shoes from Le Donne and guess what my look are all from Thrift Store, yes you heard it loud and proud. I think I became so obsessed with buying clothes from my favorite Thrift  store, it brings happiness. But I could not be anymore happy with graduating from two courses in one year. yehey!!
Congrats to all the graduates batch 2012!


  1. congratulations Nelka!! :D love the outfit!! <3 <3 <3 and ohwww.. your dogs are all cute!! nakakagigil! :D

    1. thanks a lot rhea. heheh. i hope to meet your dogs too, i know you have tons.

  2. Congratulations!:)) I love the sheer outfit! And I've always wanted to take short term courses like yours, but I'd go for baking. Have ba sa WMSU?

    1. thank you karen, i saved this outfit for this event. glad you like it. hehe. their courses are fun . and yeah they have baking class.

  3. congratulations sis! ;) bdw love your outfit! ;)

  4. Congrats! So pretty!

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