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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Okay so first I want to thank my fellow blogger Jennifer of The Adorkable One for the Versatile Blogger Award, I really appreciate this award and again thank you and congrats for all the other blogger winners. and Oh yeah check her blog out. p.s I love her Blog Name.

There are three easy ways to follow:
1. Thank the blogger who awarded you and add a link to their blog in your post
2. Share seven things about yourself. 
3. Share the award with 15 other recently discovered blogs that you love and inform them! 
4. Add the versatile blogger "badge" to your sidebar & post
Seven things about myself? hmmm
1. I love art.
2. I love dogs, they're like my siblings.
3. I love to workout, specially yoga and pilates.
4. I love to do make-up, hair do and just to bring out someone's beauty through make-up. 
5. I recently learn to love bright colors, Im a big fan of colors blue, white and black but B & W, are not colors. haha.
6. I love thrift shopping. to die.
7. I'm a very positive person, i just see things like it's always bright and shiny, no for dull moments.

So for the Versatile Award that I'm gonna be giving, I chose these 15 bloggers because I find them very unique and I love their Blog names, and I love how conscious they are with everything and I get to learn something new from them also. so here are the winners for my Versatile Blogger Award check them all. as said by Jenny this is not a tag game. I find this very fun.
There you go check  these Bloggers out, and again thanks and I just want share this award to you all.. 

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