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Monday, March 5, 2012


                                                                         The Model

                                                                    The Inspiration

Another Make-up look I did as requested by the model Natasha Julian, here is Georgina Wilson on the cover of Look Magazine . I didn't copy the exact same thing from the inspiration but I gave my own version of it, I think that's why they invented the word inspiration huh? to be inspired by it and not duplicate the look, I actually want to get somewhere here if you know what I mean HAHA. . Anyways enjoy these photos. Don't forget to leave your comments and say what you think guys. Thanks!


  1. hair and make-up is fab! <3 let's follow each other :))

  2. thanks karen. yeah I did followed you, nice blog you got there.

  3. I really Love Georgina Wilson! The make up was nice, you should have made your hair like hers also, I think you will really look gorgeous.